January 14, 2015


I know what you’re thinking, how cliché, my first blog post of the New Year is fitness related…well first things first, a body in motion stays in motion people!  If I want to survive 2015, and let’s be real, hopefully a hell of a lot more years ahead, I’ve got to take care of myself!  Now before we get into this, (not to be bossy, but…) I’d like you to read my about page and get a little peek into my world and who I am.

Hope you enjoyed that!
Now back to resolutions or what I prefer to call them, new beginnings. I’m a Capricorn, so naturally I tend to have a bit of a type-A personality (at times, and at others, the total opposite), to put it simply, I’m all or nothing, so when I commit to something, there is no stopping me.
Now, along with the general populations convenient excuse of not taking care of themselves over the gluttonous holiday season, I myself fell off the bar method-band wagon, and when I say fell off, I mean I was more on the prosecco & brachetto wagon (oops)!  Not only that, I was replacing my usual, strenuous workout with a treadmill on a simultaneous 4.0 incline & speed for less than an hour…here and there…when I accompanied Mike to the gym (I know, sad for someone who considers themselves a fitness enthusiast), but hey, it happens to the best of us, we’re all human.
So now that the new year roared in quicker than ever, along with a milestone birthday of mine, I decided to commit to my own personal challenge: 30 Days of Bar.
I’ll be honest with you, I’m writing this post on Day 2 because if I was going to put it out there in the world, you’re damn right, I’m going to succeed with perfected pliés!

Now to recap thus far, the harsh truth:
Day 1:
I went for one of my favorite, but most challenging instructors, Michele, she was incredible as usual, but me – not so fab, I sucked (to my standards); I felt like it was the first bar class of my lifetime, questioned if I could/should/even want do this & blog about it all on top of that, and wow – holy sore-ness all over my body! By early evening, I crawled into bed with some Kava tea, was begging for some Arnica & a good nights rest – which is difficult when your legs are so sore it feels like an odd mix of half sea legs half restless leg syndrome, sigh.

30 days of bar thigh work 2

Day 2:
before class – f*ck, I’m even more sore today (is that possible) &  I’m convinced I’m going to suck again, but damn, I told the instructors yesterday about my 30 Days of Bar challenge and I already put this on my mental vision board of 2015.  I left my house in a bitchy (sorry Mike!) but determined mood and headed my way to class, unenthused.
after class – I got at least one shoutout on my form (for you bar virgins out there, this is when the instructor compliments you by name in the middle of class for your proper form/power/strength/flexibility or whatever it is that your are doing so damn good in the current moment, this shoutout comes simultaneously while you’re struggling with a weight/or your own body’s resistance of some sort, your eyes are closed, focusing on deep breathing, tensing all your muscles, lifting, shifting and/or flexing some body part all at the same time & to the beat of the music of course!  I did not suck (well not like day 1)!  My muscles feel drastically better now that I’ve stretched the shit out of them two days in a row and I am already gaining back the benefits, I feel my body quickly responding, and the endorphins are rolling in.   Day 2 was an overall WIN, but back to Earth for a moment, I am just beginning the journey here!

30 days of bar pretzel


For those of you that haven’t had some sort of bar method experience, I’ll give you my background on it, there are many bar(re) workouts out there, and from what I hear, they are more or less very similar, but I’ve been a loyal Bar Method member, so I can only really speak to my experience with them.
bar basics:
-obviously, don’t expect any prosecco here, instead find bottles of spring water and maybe a green juice, socks only allowed in studio & please wear yoga pants/leggings, you are lifting your legs in all sorts of directions!
-prepare your mind for a total different kind of workout; it won’t look hard if you’re watching from the sidelines, but believe me, it will be one of the most challenging workouts you’ll ever try, be open and brave – it will be worth it!

My first bar method class was about three years ago and although the classes may seem a bit routine to some, I thrive in a structured environment and, most of all, became addicted to the results that quickly came.  I’ll admit it, I’m 5’2”, petite and blessed with good genes, however, when my healthy body waltzed into that studio decked out in lululemon gear (perfect bar attire, I’d highly suggest investing in some lulu) I found the class to be invigorating, very mindful (depending on how in-tune you are with this side of yourself) and definitely danced out of there with a lifted ‘seat’ or as i prefer to put it, booty. It’s all about the booty these days isn’t it?  Regardless, I stuck with it and within a few short months my petite body transformed, the number on the scale more or less stayed the same, but I wasn’t looking to lose weight, I’m not that cray.  Everything just seemed to lift, shift and shape into where it was designed to belong.  My short legs became lengthened and lean, my arms transformed into whimsical dancer-like toned limbs, my booty literally lifted inches, which i didn’t consider a problem area to begin with so I was very pleased to see its unexpected but glorious progress.  And this is how my love affair with The Bar Method began.  While I’m not in terrible shape at the moment, I am definitely NOT up to bar!

Stay tuned for my journey through this process and a very special thank you to The Bar Method in Shrewsbury, NJ for being my place of implementing the mantra ‘your body is your temple’ and for always being there for a good burn and shake (explanations to come in the following posts if you are a bar newbie!)
I hope I’ve inspired you all to look into a bar(re) studio in your area, they really are incredible.  After years of many love/hate relationships with different workout routines, gyms and fitness trends, I always seem to find my way back to the bar!

If you live in the central New Jersey area and want to try out The Bar Method in Shrewsbury just mention my name (or TheStyleBae) for a complimentary first time class *(new clients only).  You’re welcome!!!

30 days of bar ball

 So cheers, green juice in hand (resistance ball between my thighs) to 2015, my birthday & 30 Days of Bar!

What are some of your resolutions or new beginnings for 2015?  How do you shake things up within your fitness routine this month when it feels like everyone and their mother are literally hogging the machines at the local gym?!  I would love to hear your feedback and fitness/lifestyle goals in the New Year!  Let me know if you were able to try out a bar(re) studio or even better, took me up on my offer above at The Bar Method in Shrewsbury!  Please share in the comments!

x baci


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