July 18, 2016


90s tee

So, incase you were living under a rock for the past year or so, the 90’s are back in full swing…

from matte lips chokers to slap-bracelets & pokemon  [ I skipped this one back then & I think I’ll skip it this time around too 😉 ]

& so much more, I could go on and on – fringe jackets, full on denim head to toe [ hello overalls ], clogs, flatform sneaks [ a la Spice Girls ] and oh yea..them too!

While I can appreciate the 90s fashion and definitely took great part in it during it’s time & now, I feel like I need to make a disclaimer with this post:

I AM an actual 80s Baby here!

But back to the 90s…

one of the most nostalgic things that I remember & had back then were the super comfy, rubber soled, classic pool slides.

Remember those Adidas ones everyone had?!  Well even those are back,

& lucky for us, the designers we all love have brought them back too, just with an added design detail twist and inclusive of their logo [ hello, the 90s were all. about. the. logo. ]

My mom asked me if I was wearing my Spa shoes when she recently saw me rocking them, so that’s what I’m calling them here on out 🙂

I picked up these limited edition blooms from Gucci but you can really get them across the board in all price points.   & since they’re made of rubber, they’re super affordable!

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Shop the Spa slides below, and for some fun I added in a little 90’s trend slideshow to shop!


spa slides

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90s trends are back! shop some of the looks
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x baci


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