March 19, 2015


If you aren’t already, please do yourself (and your wallet) a favor and become a Sephora beauty insider!  I’ve been one for so long that I am now a Sephora VIB Rouge Insider, which basically just comes with a lot more goodies and surprises, at any given time!  More like all the time!

I often receive emails from them with the latest skincare or makeup trends all packaged up in a deluxe sample gift set ready to go, with free shipping!  Not much in this world is free, so you better believe it I take them up on their offer with all the points I’ve accumulated over the years.

I’ve come up with a tactic at this point – I stock up on all the best high-point packages, and save them for when we have a quick out of town trip to LA or wherever we’ll be for a day or two. It saves me quite a few things:

1.  the time from packing my skincare delicately to not break and in turn ruin whatever else is crammed in my one little bag

2.  keeps me from having to have good faith in whatever hotel we are staying at hoping they carry top notch products (yes, I just used the phrase top notch, odd) – most do, but knowing how I am with my skincare/beauty regimen, AND having sensitive skin, I won’t leave it to chance, and neither should you especially when your skin is in a new environment

3.  MONEY!  I get to keep my deluxe size goodies safe and sound at home in our master bath, and get to use these FREE amazing (usually) new products

4.  also gives me the opportunity to test out new products and review for my own personal use and more importantly to share with all of you! (and save you from purchasing the ones that are not worth the $)

I can probably go on and on with this list, but the point is – become a beauty insider.  Even if you don’t have your card on you while you’re shopping, they can always look you up by email so it’s not like you need to do much, other than shop!  

Below is a slideshow of my latest FREEBIES from Sephora and what I packed for our trip to LA a few weeks ago.  We literally were there for three days and two nights so these gift sets are kind of perfect for quick work trips or weekends away – and I have to say, ALL of these products I fully endorse!!!

 x baciIMG_1749

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2 responses to “BEAUTY INSIDER”

  1. Kara says:

    I’m a proud VIB Rouge member but my husband would freak out if he knew what the requirements were… 🙂

  2. Lauren says:

    hahaha! I hear you, but it’s SO worth it! 🙂

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