May 28, 2016
coffee in bed
I saw this little article on Well+Good today listing the top habits of early risers  (obsessed with that site btw, highly suggest checking it out and following them on socials) and it got me thinking about how much I used to dread getting up bright and early, but somehow managed to do it for what felt like for-ev-er.  
Over the years, thank God, I’ve grown into becoming a morning person, most likely due to all of the years of commuting to the city bright and early.  Many of you probably don’t know this about me, but I spent my college years commuting from NJ to NYC and working my ass off, academically and professionally, opposed to tailgates by day and frat parties by night.  My little sister Michelle had to recently explain to me what a ‘fracket’ was, I was both relieved that 1: I’m out of the age group and 2: never had to purchase then sadly wear said fracket.  Although I did go through a solid stage of going out every night of the week in the city, even then you wouldn’t dare find me in a fracket.  
Anyway, back to early mornings, in those college days, and the 7 years immediately following which made up my retail buying career, sweet sweet memories, I was on a consistent work tip grind.  Up bright and early with the crowded commuters piling into a sad NJTransit train-car that was desperate for an upgrade to get to my 8am classes everyday (ugh I feel your pain if you currently commute – if you do, I’d highly suggest opting for Academy Bus, it got me to the city much more efficiently + comfortably, it’s also cheaper than NJTransit).  I opted for those early classes so that I could be out of class by noon and have the availability to lockdown some future dream-job internships.  
My typical Monday – Thursday routine looked a lot like this:
5:00am wake-up
6:15am  dreaded train ride into the city
7:35am  online at Starbucks on 53rd + 5th Avenue
grab a croissant with a venti iced skim caramel machiatto, and then hop on the elevator to the 7th floor for LIM College, right next door to starbie’s on 5th Avenue, and settle into my first class of the day
A lot has changed since then, most importantly, I don’t start my day with a butter based carb loaded croissant nor do I splurge the calories (and dairy – yuck) on a caramel macchiato – oh to have that metabolism again though!  And luckily now I use my trusty starbucks app so that I don’t have to wait on those packed lines, especially in the city! 
These days I’m up, depending on whats planned for the day, around 7:30am, I go right for my first 16oz of water to replenish my body, then have a veggie + fruit loaded cold pressed juice for breakfast, some more water with my daily vitamins after that (check that extensive list out here – I really swear by my multi, probiotic + hair/skin pill  at a minimum) and then onto a fresh brewed coffee, hot or iced (lately iced) with a splash of some almond milk and a sugar in the raw.  
I’d say the most important tip here, from Well + Good’s article Get the benefits of being a morning person – without waking up early, other than the obvious sleep is water water water!  I know this is so basic and obvious, but I have to say most of us are massively dehydrated all the time, and especially in the morning.  The key to help you out is to begin rehydrating yourself before your morning coffee!  I’m a huge coffee drinker, one of my vices, but I always make sure to chug at least 16oz of spring water prior to my first cup, and for each additional cup I have throughout the day, I match it with another minimum of 16oz.  This has made a tremendous difference for me.  You. will. feel. it.  Promise.
If you can’t stand the (non)taste of water, throw in some fresh lime, lemon, or any fruit for that matter.  Mike’s mom Linda, and his sister Melissa, always make these fresh water drinks with different fruits & herbs in them when we come over.  They are SO delicious, refreshing and beautiful to look at in a glass carafe.  They add the perfect amount of color to lift your spirits and hydrate you in the mornings!   Try it next time if you just can’t seem to get into your water intake regimen.
What do you guys want to hear about, more tips and advice mixed in with my beauty and style posts or more personal stuff?!  I have to say, everything on here is pretty personal!  Leave me a message either here or tweet me @lauren_pesce and I’ll get all your questions answered, or at least try to!
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x baci

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