September 26, 2015

Transitioning into Fall is definitely one of my favorite times of the year!  The air is crisp, the tree colors blend into beautiful shades of a warm cozy palette from soft oranges, muted browns, auburn sunsets with hints of evergreen, to a sparkling gold that glimmers as if it’s the last remnants of the summer sand.

Now, as we all know, this is the time (at least on the East Coast) where we start unpacking and/or rearranging our closet to make our daily looks more accessible – pull out the sweaters, furs (faux & real – whatever floats your boat!), jackets, vests and layering pieces galore!
What may be a challenge to some is knowing exactly which accessories to pack away (or at least move out of your convenient area of dressing every morning, we don’t all have Kylie Jenner’s new closet and glam room!).

Accessories have become a massive part of our lives and our personality in how we portray ourselves to the world.  As a former accessory buyer, I can tell you it’s factually the #1 growing category across the board!  Just think about that for a moment, when I was growing up (or let’s say, going through high school/college years), it was more about the staple pieces.  I had my few pairs of sunglasses, and wore them on the regular.  Same with watches, another accessory (see the trend here)!  I wore the same watch for years!  When I was gifted a beautiful watch from my parents on a twenty-something birthday – I replaced the other and this one’s been sitting pretty on my wrist ever since!  My how the times have changed.  We have (luckily) changed the marketplace for accessories overall.  As consumers we demanded what we wanted and boy did we get it.   You can get watches galore in every shape size color and price point!  I’m just using watches as a broad example as you can probably relate to this if you think back to how it was in the past (if you’re a millennial you probably didn’t experience this first hand but are fully aware of it if you work in the fashion world or have older siblings).

Basically the times have changed, which is the core of this industry and wonderful world of fashion and beauty.  It’s a never ending cycle of change, as most things are.  Accessories especially, I know what it feels like to be sick (more like flat out bored) of your summer sunnies!  Even if you have a solid rotation of cheap beach ones to designer chic frames, you’ve worn them all over and over and not only that, they’re posted all over your IG feed (and your friends for that matter)!  You just want something new for Fall!  I get it!  Add on the possibility of having to add to your wardrobe for the season change (duh – weight gain/or better weight lost, new trends, new bf and you just don’t want things you were photographed in with the old one haha!) add to that, whether it’s back-to-school expenses or unforeseen home disasters resulting in needing improvements (in my case – let’s not even go there!) you just don’t have the dough to shell out for anymore sunglasses, I mean who does?  I don’t blame you.  They get lost, scratched, left on tables during your sunday brunch sessions, on the happy hour bar you’re forced to attend with your new work group, your new adorable puppy decided to use a plastic pair as a teething ring, they’re stuck under your carseat and you don’t find them until you’re over them OR they’re smashed with the lens cracked, the limits of where they’ve disappeared to and what happened really are endless – it’s like the missing sock theory!  Why do I always end up with one sock missing it’s pair at some point while doing the laundry???  I’ll never get it.  Anyway, back to the sunglass issue at hand – we all love designer shades, whether you admit it or not!  There are plenty of options out there as affordable substitutions but you’re usually buying them fully aware that you won’t be devasted when one of the above scenarios plays out or you can wear them and throw them away yourself when you’re just over them, without the guilt of OMG they were SO expensive, I should really save them or try to sell them on eBay.  Well, ladies and gents, NOW there is ENDLESS EYEWEAR (the designer kind, on a budget!)

I’m excited to introduce you to an amazing new website that gives you access to EndlessEyewear at a fraction of the price!  DITTO.com has basically become the bag-borrow-or-steal or rent-the-runway for DESIGNER SUNGLASSES AND OPTICALS!  Here’s how it works, you sign up for a membeship costing $24/month, shop their entire assortment online and then have your selection sent directly to your door!  Honestly I’m sitting here trying to think of what I pay for monthly thats anywhere near that affordable…niente.  Wait, one thing, but it’s a dollar more, my EZ pass thingy.  Well, for a dollar less than a basic EZ-Pass package you can get your hands on these beauties, a rose gold pair of Linda Farrow mirrored super-glam sunglasses that retail for over $1,000!  I mean that’s just laughable for sunglasses but hey, if you can get em for FREE why not?  Yes, I said FREE!  You’re fist month is on me, just enter the code:  THESTYLEBAE  and you’re good to go!





THIS my friends, is how I plan on transitioning my eyewear wardrobe from summer shades into a new assortment of classic and trendy fall eyewear!  Yes, they carry all new styles including Fall 15’s!
And if you are the 1% (or 35% IDK – whatever amount of people out there that fit this criteria) thinking sunglasses are exclusive for Spring/Summer, you are cray.  Let me tell you, sunglasses are WAY more important to me in the winter, personally.  Mainly due to the fact that I have blue eyes that are super sensitive to light.  I’m prone to migraines and more so during the winter months when the sun is blaring it’s uv rays down onto the bright white snow that then blindly, and painfully, reflects it right into my super light-sensitive eyeballs!  If you’re reading this and thinking, well I’m in LA where the weather is perfect year round, I’m covered, don’t need anything!  Well even more the reason why you should try this membership, you probably could use a change up in some new shades (at least for your friends to look at while they’re sitting across from you dining al-fresco all year!)  🙂

Anyway, no worries about the $24/month, I have you covered for the first month FREE, just use my code: THESTYLEBAE and you are good to go! 

Best part, other than being FREE, is that you can swap your shades anytime you want!  Don’t need them for the full month?  Just want to impress some fashionistas at a cocktail party or lunch, no problem, you can wear them once, send them back and swap for another pair that suits your style for the next week OR month or whenever you’re ready to try a new pair.  From all the perusing I’ve done of their assortment online (check it ALL out here), believe me, you will be wanting to try new pairs quite often.


Check out these amazing shades from Prada, Illesteva & Retro SUPER FUTURE!

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If you’re not a sunglass connoisseur, I’ll help you out here.

PRADA – Opal Pink matte with gold bridge and pink/grey gradient lense.

Prada, well where do I start with an introduction to Prada?  If you’re reading my blog, you should at least know of Prada.  For those that may not, just think of them as very fancy expensive designer sunglasses (for this post alone).

DITTO.coms super cute descriptions of each style grabs your attention on top of their already gorge assortment.  Checkout how they’ve described each of these individual shades I’m pairing with my Fall transitional wardrobe looks! PRADA 1

On the style spectrum you are somewhere between Duck Dynasty and Princess Diana. You aren’t so casual that you wear sweats 24/7, but it ain’t like you are sporting a tiara either. We have you covered with these Prada plastic aviator sunglasses. Fit for royalty but still totally approachable, just like Lady Di. Camo bandana not included.PRADA 2


ILLESTEVA – Leonard textured brown/clear frames w/ green mirrored lenses

Illesteva – this may sound like a brand new name to you, but it’s been on my radar since back in 2012 when I (with my old boss and amazing buying team!) brought them onboard as a new Italian brand to introduce to the Saks full-line stores and our customers loved them!  They’re not only in Saks now, you can find them in select stores and duh, on DITTO.COM, they’re known for their flattering Leonard style which I have pictured here with the green mirrored lenses.  Green is the most important color in life, no?  See what I did there?


Apparently the new it words for cool kids these days are “lush” and “trill.” If that new vocabulary’s got you feeling pretty ancient, check out these seriously dank Illesteva sunglasses. Sport these and teens will be coming up with a new word to describe how cool YOU are. I would suggest bringing back “tubular” ’cause why not?

Ok – I’m not really feeling their description above, but figured I’d include it for entertainment purposes.  Nonetheless, Illesteva is a super cool fun brand, so their description is fair in their use of the play on words of the sceney-crowds and youth these days.  🙂ILLESTEVA 2


Retro SUPER FUTURE aka SUPERFrancis Puma Tortoise frame with Lucia Gold Metal bridge

SUPER – they’ve been in the sunglass game for a while now, but the mainstream may not be up to speed with them.  They’re pretty big in the celeb market (and fashion world), and are known for their flat-top shades (check them out here).  Bieber made them notorious when he consistently paired them with his bad/boy adolescent look while egging houses and racing ferrari’s in his neighborhood (not super).  Sidenote: I’m all about the new Biebs, LOVE his single What Do You Mean? and also love Where Are U Now – Mike’s always been a Bieber fan, he actually made a cameo in the commercial for Beiber’s first movie, back in 2011!  Now I’ve gotten him into his music and we’re rooting for him, I guess that technically makes us beliebers, haha!  And that brings us to SUPER – I selected these which are not typical from them as a brand, but I am super (didn’t even realize that as I typed, but I guess pun intended) happy to see them branching out with new successful styles!



I hope you all take advantage of this FREE MONTH for your own Endless Eyewear!!!  Use code:  THESTYLEBAE  at www.ditto.com and you’re all set!

We are full on embracing the Fall fashion, Endless Eyewear and weather over here!!!


x baci
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