February 15, 2017

this is my absolute fave golden goddess makeup look

& of course the prettiest snap filter there is 😉

shop the makeup deets below!

You guys, if you’re not already following me on LikeToKnowIT you’re kind of missing out!  All of my best makeup + skincare finds are posted up on there, as well as my latest looks and favorite fashion finds.  But really, we all know that I am a beauty junkie and live for some great makeup + masks!

So head on over to my LikeToKnowIt profile and keep up with it all – every photo has clickable images that send you directly to where you can purchase the exact items – IF something is sold out ( which some of the fashion stuff may be at times or if it’s super  old in my wardrobe – I recycle a LOT ) I add in replacements!

Also, LikeToKnowIT goes the extra mile and makes it easy to scroll all the WAY back to my first posts so you can shop everything and anything I’ve ever posted on social media (bahh even old embarrassing pics – although I pretty much still like everything I’ve worn – it served its purpose at the time! )





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x baci


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