January 22, 2015

CLEANSING OIL FEATUREIf any of you happen to know me personally, you are fully aware of my beauty product obsession and may also know that I have super sensitive and dry skin.  This tends to become a problem during the harsh winter months in the northeast, well not the beauty obsession, I probably do more online shopping than ever during the blistering cold days, but let’s get to the point, my open toed louboutins are not the only thing suffering or looking for shelter from the frigid temps!

Being an all things beauty/skincare/fragrance product junkie, you’d think I’d have a strict skincare regimen down by now, but I am someone who believes in change, and I swear (no matter how many aestheticians tell me otherwise) my skin quickly gets used to certain products and needs a change up in order to keep it clear, clean & glowing – just how I like it!  So, with that being said, I definitely have my go to products stocked in my bathroom to alternate at times, but every year I face the same challenge when winter rolls in – when will I finally find the perfect cleanser that I can use two times (or more, depending on the days activities) a day without drying out and irritating my skin anymore than this harsh weather already is?

Well, years ago I had this amazing Shu Umera cleansing oil that I LOVED, but they had a moment of restructuring within their company and it became impossible to track down to purchase; at that time they were the only ones specializing in cleansing oils, so while I was devastated at first (no joke, I scavenged the internet for it with no luck), I eventually got over it and the whole ‘cleansing oil’ concept left my mind along with the sephora shelves.

I don’t think I need to fill you in on this, but cleansing oils are back with a vengeance (thank you beauty Gods above)!  Every skincare line out there has at least one type of cleansing oil, and if they don’t, they’re missing out!  I consider it the way of the future (in my best Howard Hughs voice).  Although oils have had an ever-presence within skincare regimens since ancient times, we as a society were engrained to obsess and flock to ‘oil-free’ skincare for years, but finally the beauty industry is realizing ‘oil-free’ is not always the best answer!

First things first, whether you have dry, combination or oily skin, do not be afraid of oil cleansers.  They work on all types of skin, oil is an essential part of our natural body.  From my ancestors back in Italia, slathering on olive oil was no secret back in their time (now I’m not suggesting everyone go and do this, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it), to me just the modern Italian-American version that now slathers on organic cold-pressed coconut oil after the shower (we’ll get more into this in future posts).  Back to the cleansing oils.

the major benefits:

– gently & effectively removes all makeup, even heavy tv/film makeup

– preserves your skins natural hydration

– doesn’t strip away, or scratch the surface of your delicate skin (unlike many cleansers & exfoilants do, you may not even realize this!)

Now the real question, to splurge or spend on a cleansing oil?  I’d say test out a few to see if you even like the texture, it is definitely something you have to get used to coming from a typical cleansing routine, but don’t make your decision on ruling out cleansing oils based on one unpleasant experience, they are all individually unique, just as each of our skin is.  If you want to try out some higher price point products feel free to be honest with the associates and they will delightfully make samples for you (I do this all the time to test things out, I don’t go out and buy an $80 La Mer Cleansing Oil and hope for the best), samples are key in finding the best counterparts for your skincare regimen, but so is consistency, so don’t rule one out without giving yourself a few tries at it.

Below are a few I tested out, for myself and to share with you guys

DIOR CLEANSING OIL Dior Insatant Gentle Cleansing Oil, $38

I currently have this in my shower and it never seems to run out, I guess that goes to show it’s just not one of my favorites, it gets the job done, is super gentle, I have bought it more than once, but I don’t feel like it gets all of the residue off, I usually follow up with another gentle cleanser after this one – I just feel there are better out there…

La Mer ‘The Cleansing Oil’, $80LA MER CLEANING OIL

I absolutely LOVED this one, I went on a La Mer skincare binge and tried out the majority of their line and this product I would have to say is my number one favorite cleanser they make.  Worth the investment, you will not be disappointed, but the truth is, you can definitely find some others at a more affordable price if you’re not interested in shelling out the cash.


GLAM GLOW DUALCLEANSEGlam Glow Dualcleanse, $69

This is technically a powermud mask type, you apply this on dry skin, let it harden, and then once you wash it off it transforms into a slick oil and removes all makeup, dirt and pollutants from your face.  This product is excellent but I wouldn’t suggest using it on a daily basis, more like once a week to refresh your face and get ready for next weeks makeup applications.


Shu Uemura cleansing oils, $38-$90SHU UMERA CLEANSING OIL

Shu Uemura (as difficult as they have been to buy in the past, they are still my favorite go-to!)  They make a range of different types of cleansing oils and here you can really hone in on your specific skincare needs.

One thing all the cleansers listed above have in common is you apply them to a dry face, massage and slowly add water to it, a milky lather will result that will remove all the makeup and residue that you’re not looking to take to bed with you…check out the video below to watch Shu Uemura’s newest cleansing oil in action…



For you oily girls out there, do NOT fear the cleansing oil!  Mike has some of the oiliest skin I’ve seen (which is a blessing in disguise because since you have your own natural moisturizer constantly working, it prevents the development of fine lines and wrinkles!).  He’s also taken part of this little cleansing oil experiment and he approves, his pick was the La Mer (for any guys interested or people with oily skin reading)!

What are some of your number one go to cleansers for the winter months?  Do you face the same challenge I do with dryness and irritation when the cold months are here?!  How do you feel about cleansing oils now that I’ve done my best to open your mind to them?  Please post your thoughts in the comments, and if you are a fellow oil lover, share your experience below and let me in on which products you can’t live without!

x baci


8 responses to “IS BEING OILY SO BAD?”

  1. Marybeth Pesce says:

    I want cleansing oil now

  2. Lauren says:

    I’ll pick one out for you! xx

  3. Suzie says:

    I have been cursed now blessed with oily skin. While I don’t have the wrinkles my fellow 30+ gals have, I do break out from time to time. With that being said, I’ve always used either a cleansing oil or some type of night oil treatment. There’s nothing like it. I get compliments on my skin all the time. And to tell you the truth I am not a huge water drinker (working on that,) so I need all the hydration I can get, especially with these brutal winter months in PA.

  4. Lauren says:

    Hi Suzi! Glad to hear you agree with the cleansing oils, good luck & stay safe with the snowy weather headed our way this week!

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  8. Lauren says:

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