March 13, 2016

Water splashing into glass

I kicked off this blog about a year ago with a post including my full vitamin regimen here, this post is still one of the most popular, so I’m not surprised I’m back at it preaching the benefits of these all natural supplements.  I was recently asked by a lot of you if I take a hair + skin vitamin, (I DO!) which is why I’m focusing this post on what you can do at home to help you achieve a natural radiant boost of LUMINOSITY – without the makeup (for now) – and without having to drop a hundo+ by hitting up your trusty aesthetician, although that is always a major key if you can swing it!

WATER!  I mean does this even need to be said…apparently YES!  It is that important!  I myself at times don’t take my own advice, no shit right.  We usually know what we’re supposed to do to get the results we want, but it’s just applying it and actually doing the work to make that magic happen!  But I have to say, I’ve been on a super healthy regimen lately, YASS, and have been not only on my vitamin + green juice game (on the daily) I am also taking down at least 6 (usually strive for more) big swell bottles full of AQUA!  Listen guys, WATER does a body (AND SKIN) GOOD!  That entire old school milk campaign, IMO, really is misleading since human adults should not be ingesting milk on a regular basis or at all (I stick to almond milk as a dairy substitute), but I’ll leave the logistics and research background on that to my nutritionist best friend Erin who runs the highly educational blog Grass-Ceiling – seriously ladies and gents, if you want to inform yourselves on the intricacies of what we ingest and how it all goes down on the inside, check it out – it’s intense, chockfull of thorough research and the results are always eye-opening in every post.

Back to the point, WATER is the key here.  Our body feeds off of this, just read the many benefits (I was about to list them for you but the benefit of water consumption really goes without saying – if you don’t believe me google it) and if that doesn’t impress you, at least start upping your water intake for vanity purposes, hello LUMINOUS SKIN is the goal no?!  Water literally makes your skin glow, it will take years off your age and you will just feel like that much more of a badass when your fully hydrated, ready to take on the world or at least your next bar(re) class 😉  Only downside is having to make bathroom breaks as much as a fully pregnant woman in her third trimester – it’s a tradeoff I’ll take for clearer younger looking skin plus energy for the day!

After the water, I’ve listed below my top priority items in order to achieve my best skin.


water – free, fill yourself up at the faucet (or go for a spring water, never purified)


swell reusable water bottle

made of double-walled stainless steel, nontoxic, non leaching and BPA free (see ya plastic water bottles!)  these bottles stay vacuum sealed and keep water chilled for 24 hours, or coffee/tea hot for 12 – the liquid remains at whatever temp you fill it up at 🙂


so since this is a skin-focused post, BIOSIL is listed first and foremost (although it’s not my first priority in overall wellness, you get the point)  even though my multivitamin below has the ingredient Biotin (which is similar) I still take this as an extra boost and I swear you can see the difference the day you start taking it – btw I am NOT sponsored or paid to say this, although I wouldn’t mind being so 🙂

multi vitamin

garden of life women’s multivitamin

you’re probably thinking this is expensive for a multi, but it’s not your basic gummy vitamin, READ THE LABELS and you’ll see, it’s quality in these products which – if you are investing on your insides – you really shouldn’t skimp here, no?

green superfood

garden of life green superfood

this is my breakfast. every. single. day.  Only comes right AFTER I have a full 8 oz of water on an empty stomach, I go for 1 scoop of this mixed with a very small glass of fresh squeezed OJ or Grapefruit juice – I’m not going to say it tastes great, but it’s not as bad as others, and the results are worth it!  Just close your eyes and chug 🙂

decleor ylang ylang

100% ylang ylang oil

last year I also blogged about my love for OILS!  This is one of my major finds that I could not live without.  It is 100% ylang ylang oil, so if you don’t want to splurge for decleor’s, just pick up the essential oil at your local vitamin shop.  I apply this after cleansing morning and night, smooths my skin and makes it luminous without being oily shiny – you have to try it!

glamglow youthmud

glam glow youthmud mask

exfoliate!  not too much, but you should be getting in a surface exfoliation maybe once a week, depending on how much makeup/product you use on the regular, and your environment etc.  It’s all situational, but this mask does the trick for me.  It’s strong and has a tingly sensation as it hardens and deeps cleans your pores, so that’s why I suggest only once a week or every two esp if you have sensitive skin (like me)!

la mer eye concentrate

la mer eye concentrate

reviva eye

reviva eye complex

moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!!!  This step is just as important as the water!  Do not pass up this step, ever!  With that being said, I know we are pulled in many different price points for eye creams, serums and face moisturizers.  A girls gotta do what she’s gotta do, ask for the samples!  I’ve done my research in many price points and I  have to say these are my favorite two eye creams pictured above.


dennis gross serum

dr. dennis gross serum

this lightweight serum has a blend of retinol and antioxidants to smooth and firm skin while supporting natural collagen production.  Serums are basically moisturizers on steroids, if you double this with a moisturizer, amazing, or if you put this on alone you’re good to go!  Conversely you can skip the serum step if it’s out of the question financially, most quality serums are pricey, keep me posted if you guys have a great moderately priced one!

la mer moisturizing gel cream

reviva face

reviva face moisturizer

order of application: 1) eye cream, 2) serum, 3) moisturizer

The La Mer Gel is my favorite of their face moisturizers, it’s super lightweight while getting the job done of intensely moisturizing.  Most use this in the summer but I have been preferring gel moisturizer year round lately.   The La Mer is definitely splurge worthy – but like I said before, ask for the samples, then and only then, splurge on what you absolutely love and then use it on special occasions or however you can manage it.  If not this Reviva DMAE cream is another favorite of mine and actually what I am using on my skin today 🙂 practice what you preach!

As always, you can shop the post and more in the slideshow below, or just click on the name below each photo (duh).  Now in all realness I have to run to go pee, tmi?  At least I know the water is working, go get luminously glowing ladies!  The summer is around the corner, get your makeup-free skin ready!!! (who am I kidding, maybe just a tinted moisturizer, not going bare faced anywhere ;))

x baci

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