June 7, 2016

poached eggs on a bed of quinoa with fresh greens, avocado + a mustard remoulade

I had this incredible dish [multiple times throughout our 2 week nyc trip] at the Reynard in Williamsburg [Brooklyn].  The flavors were well balanced, the dish was beautiful + best part of all, it was jam packed with nutrients that are good for you.  It was a great alternative to the classic eggs + avocado toast that I like start to my day with while traveling.  As I ate it for the second time in two days, I realized how basic the ingredients were and it was really about the balance of flavors + presentation.  So I put myself up to the challenge of recreating it for you guys and breaking down the recipe here.  


2 cage free organic brown eggs


1 cup spring mix or spinach leaves

1 ripe avocado

himalayan sea salt

chile flakes


1 cup mixed quinoa

1/2 bunch sliced (about 8-10) asparagus



cook the quinoa as directed [super easy + similar to making rice stove top]

poach eggs in a small sauce pan of boiling water and vinegar [how-to poach an egg here]

rinse and dry spinach

smear your favorite mustard remoulade onto a clean dish [sub for a salad dressing/complimentary sauce of your choice – even a spicy Sriracha will do]

slice avocado + fan onto side of the dish

lay bed of quinoa in middle of dish & place spinach/greens on top

place poached eggs on top when ready

sprinkle entire dish with evoo + chile flakes + himalayan sea salt

serve immediately so eggs remain warm

buon appetito

x baci



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