June 20, 2015

It’s not me, it’s YOU // I.C.U. // Death Wish
– this episode had ALL the drama, or so we thought, there is so much more to come you have no idea!

As usual, day two at bootcamp was a never ending surprise party, but not the fun kind, more of the surprises that you hope to never get in life.   Our first assignment was an extensive session pointing out our mates flaws one by one, publicly in a group setting (of course).  Then we moved on to a more devastating drill, putting us in a position as if our partner had a terrible accident and was laid up in ICU at the hospital.  Now, while pointing out others flaws isn’t too difficult to do, let’s be honest, NO ONE ever wants to see their loved one laying on a hospital bed, whether it’s fake or not.  I was highly against doing this drill due to what I was personally going through in my life at this time.  It was exactly a year ago that I had lost my brother; it felt like yesterday and I was trying to heal through that privately with my family all while away at Marriage Bootcamp working on my relationship with Mike publicly.  Needless to say, playing along with this ‘death wish’ drill, was no joking matter to me.  In hindsight, I completely understand what the counselors were trying get across, mainly to Mike (or whichever parter wasn’t the one laying on the hospital bed) – that life is full of twists and turns and unexpected events, you never know what can happen.  However, given my fragile nature and being a rookie in reality tv, I was not comfortable going forward with this activity, especially being so raw and emotional on tv.  Elizabeth had expressed to me the deep purpose of this drill was to help Mike see what his actions could lead to if he should go down the wrong path and also to feel the pain I have felt in my life so he can see things from my perspective.  With the support of her sincere intentions, I was able to go ahead with the drill.  I’m not sure if you were able to see the tears streaming down my face during the entire exercise, but all I kept thinking about was my brother, my pain, my family, their pain, not wanting to inflict any pain on my loved ones, it was overwhelming.  And especially not wanting to inflict pain on Mike, who has been through his own amount of pain on his path in life.  After it was over and done with, it did bring us closer on an emotional level, and I’m glad I was open to experiencing all the activities at bootcamp, even the ones like this that I dreaded most.  Each exercise opened us to a deeper place within ourselves individually, and also strengthened our connection inside our relationship.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 4.22.42 PM

WeTV did another recap of their Breakdowns & Breakthroughs.  I’m happy to say we made it on the breakthrough list again!  Not trying to toot our own horn at all, but this stuff was tough!  It was a major accomplishment to participate in each activity openly, honestly and raw and then to come out the other side with a breakthrough, that’s just the icing on the cake!  Bootcamp works if you follow the rules and are in it for the right reasons.  Checkout their recap on this episode here!  I was so happy to see Mike show his emotional side and begin to break down his walls, we all have been hurt in the past, but building walls up only block you from feeling all emotions, not just the hurt, you need to feel the pain in order to heal and get to the good:

mbc death wish ep

Considering it’s only the second week of boot camp, WE are so proud of the progress many of the couples have already made! Lauren and Mike had the best breakthrough this week during the I.C.U exercise. This was exceptionally difficult for Lauren to participate in because she recently lost her little brother to addiction. Acting out a hospital-type scenario was all too real for her and she didn’t want to put Mike through the extremely dark emotions that her and her family experienced during her brother’s passing. Elizabeth, one of the boot camp directors convinced Lauren that by her participating, it would help Mike breakdown his emotional walls and communicate more freely. When Mike walked into the I.C.U situation, WE got choked up when he started to cry while holding Lauren’s hand and telling her how much he loves her and that no one would ever replace her because she’s his best friend. Mike is really learning to let his guard down and going with the flow of the entire process. WE are so proud that Lauren and Mike were able to have this breakthrough, we’re rooting for them!

If you guys have any questions on our experience at bootcamp please tweet us (lauren & mike or just leave a comment here!  We will get back to all of you, and Mike will be posting his own recap on one of the upcoming episodes so stay tuned for his perspective on this crazy house and all the intense exercises!


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