July 17, 2015



Disorderly Courtship

Episode 4 opens up to the Hank and Kendra tape scandal again…and nothing happens… and nothings discussed.

moving on from the elephant in the room..

bootcamp surprise of the day: divorce court! yay!

Judge Toler was intimidating!  I think we were all scared of her and just shut up and listened to whatever she had to say when it was our turn to take the stand.  However, her impression on ALL of us was based upon our intake tapes, which were our preinterviews that were done prior to bootcamp.  So while some were able to hit the nail on the head with a few issues, ours were a little bit deeper and different than what was shown in that tape.  So from my perspective, we were both kind of caught off guard with what she was talking about.

Now, finally, here’s Mike giving you his perspective from the judge!

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 3.16.34 PM

Mike’s insight:

The judge made me a little nervous, and it wasn’t the fact that I didn’t want to get married – I just didn’t want to get married that day NOR did I think that marriage was a subject that Lauren and I differed on; we both know what we want together in our future.  I thought the judge rattled everyone’s cages, each and every exercise at bootcamp was very unexpected, they were designed for that reason.  Once we started getting hit with monster surprises day after day, we realized it was getting harder as time went on.  So you’ll see throughout the show that we learned how to approach each activity with a positive mindset and different perspective, opposed to being on guard during the first few days at bootcamp.  But looking back, it was all for the betterment of each individual and to strengthen the couples as a whole, even if it did rattle you up at first.  I definitely wasn’t happy with my response, which if you happened to stay tuned after the show to watch me on the Watch it With special, you would’ve seen my own shock when they played this episode for the first time to my viewing – I couldn’t even believe what I was seeing, lol.  Moral of the story…

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Jeff & Jordan, you gotta love them!  They went up to Judge Toler with the pressing question of ‘how do you raise your kids when I’m Christian and he’s Catholic?’  Man, I haven’t laughed that hard since before we arrived at Bootcamp! 
Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 1.44.41 PM


Aubrey & Travis had another breakdown moment.  I really felt for Aubs here and saw the pain in her eyes and heart and just wanted to be there for her.  I’ve been through my fair share of negative and put down relationships.  I didn’t like seeing her hurt and just wanted her to feel love and support within the house.  It was hard for me to see Travis’ perspective at the time because I had gotten close with Aubrey throughout bootcamp, and also just being a woman, it’s more natural to relate to her perspective and concerns in a relationship.  I had her support through it all.

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 1.47.47 PMScreen Shot 2015-07-17 at 1.55.29 PMScreen Shot 2015-07-17 at 1.55.12 PM

Now all that being said, in the midst of Aubrey & Travis having their moment and some quality one on one time with Jim and Elizabeth, the rest of us went to have lunch in the kitchen.  Tami, god bless her soul, felt this was the time for us all to find out what the hell was going on with Hank and Kendra.  We were all at this point because they had been so vague in every single group session and exercise we had throughout the bootcamp up until this point.  Tami’s intentions were pure, and she was speaking the overall consensus of the house.  Basically asking what’s the deal – what’s going on – we’re all here, living together, working through our issues and you two are tip toeing around whatever the issue is.  I didn’t think she was prying, I thought by her bringning in up in front of EVERYONE it was a safe place to just put it out there on the table and show support for whatever it is they were going through, they could have even said we just aren’t that comfortable discussing it yet due to it’s nature!  That being said, clearly Kendra was very emotional, which she had every right to be, but she took things a little too personal and was very defensive on Tami’s general inquiries.  Looking back, seeing what Kendra was going though, not even knowing what her own husband had done or hadn’t done, I get it.  But Tami didn’t deserve to be attacked like that, and I have to say I am very proud of that woman for not taking it to the level she was being tempted to by Kendra’s anger.  I think Kendra’s anger was being deflected onto Tami instead of her own situation she was going through in her relationship, no pun intended.

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 1.58.22 PM Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 1.58.30 PM Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 1.58.57 PMScreen Shot 2015-07-17 at 1.59.58 PM

Tami I’m proud of you girl and just so you know, you had that whole house behind you, not to be taking sides, but in saying that we knew where you were coming from and you were actually NOT trying to start some some shit (even though I had that scared to death look on my face of what the hell is about to happen here!) 

If you’re interested in checking out WeTVs Breakdown & Breakthrough recap find it here.

Now onto some look recaps, yay!  Like I said in many other recaps, this was filmed a while ago so I have to add in some substituitions for outfits, but this was a pretty casual look to replicate!  Also, now you can see how much was jam packed into each day at bootcamp.  I think you see this look on me across 3 or even 4 different episodes which goes to show two things: editing magic and LONG drawn out days.  Everything I wore is linked in the slideshow below, enjoy shopping!

♥♥♥Lauren’s look of the day♥♥♥ #llotd

J Brand midrise skinny dark denim

J Brand Eniko tee (on sale now!)

Christian Louboutin So Kate Crystal Python in black, but this red is amazing!

Essie nail color in Fiji

Cartier love rings, set of 3 

♥  Omega Constellation watch


x baci

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