July 27, 2015


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Troubled Waters (full episode here)


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This was the first episode I really was dying of laughter while watching!  I can’t even begin to describe what was going on while we were in the water.  Being the one blindfolded, it was super uncomfortable and frustrating for anyone, let alone someone with little patience (working on that!).  All I can remember was hearing Kendra screaming to my left, Tami flipping out to my right and just general insanity.  Once they blew the whistle, it just became a circus of blindfolded loudmouths (myself included) and silent leaders, well some more than others.  I still don’t understand how Aubs got the leader position in this one but I guess since they both are so expressive and vocal within their relationship it would have been equally understandable for whoever the directors chose to lead for them.  In our eyes, Aubrey & Travis won this one!  (just look the other way when the foot goes in the water lol)  But for real, they finished it first and real QUICK!

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To this day, I still call it ‘the canoe race’.  Clearly I’m still learning that it was a communication exercise.  I’m athletic and love a challenge, so yes, I am a competitive person and with that being said, I put my all into anything I do!  I apologize for my potty mouth (embarrassing) but hey, it happens to the best of us!  But listen, we did NOT give up, even coming in third place (again I’m referring to it as a race haha) no matter how many f-bombs we dropped, we got every single ring, I personally got a serious arm workout from rowing so aggressively (in circles no less), and we ended it with a big kiss and still side by side!  YES BAE!

Now moving on to the role play fighting, well more like arguing.  As you know, all shows are edited, they have to be, given the amount of footage it takes to create a well put together show, so you didn’t see the whole story here.  Like I said, in most cases, you won’t ever see the entire story, but specifically in this case I’d like to address it since it was very chopped up.

Mike and I were the first couple to go up during this drill, and since we were getting along very well at that time in our relationship, we didn’t really have any prevalent examples of big arguments to have.  So when we first went up, we did our thing, kinda laughed around because we thought it was awkward and funny, and then took a seat – with a clear understanding that Jim & Elizabeth were not pleased with our performance, or lack there of haha.  Then all of the other couples went up to bat.  In seeing how open, raw and emotional they each got, Mike decided to raise his hand at the end (how polite) and said he’d like to go again (this is edited out but if you notice, this happened right before Elizabeth says, “don’t waste our time” when we’re walking up, because it was our 2nd time going up in front of everyone).  I was shaking in my boots when I went up there the second time because A) we have known each other for 10 years so there really is anything he could bring up, we’ve been through it all, and B) I guess you can say A sums it all up haha.  Regarding the argument Mike brought up, it is something very personal to him, and I was instructed simply to role play – which means, I was saying verbatim what HE says in the argument, and vice-a-versa.  Just wasn’t sure if that was clear with everyone watching.  Looking back now, and even at that moment when we finished the second round, I was proud of Mike for digging deep and bringing up something that has been upsetting him thus causing arguments in our past.  He needed and clearly made the decision himself to vocalize it in a setting with professionals in order to grow from it.  That was the point of this entire bootcamp for us, to heal, break down our walls, learn the proper way to address adversity together within our relationship and also to the outside world that judges us on a daily basis.  I think we did a great job!  We really put our all into this bootcamp, and most of the couples seemed to do the same, which naturally made it easier for us to open up in front of them and of course in front of the cameras.

Here’s Mike’s take on the episode for y’all!  

The Canoe exercise was the first exercise everyone was excited to do considering it was an outdoor activity, but as usual WeTV and MarriageBootcamp have a way of twisting things from a likable activity to a real traumatic experience.  

About the role-play argument: In hindsight, maybe I shouldn’t have volunteered to go up there twice, my bad…but I can see it was for the betterment of our growth, and most specifically mine on that subject.  It also shows you how real things got in that house, this episode was just a taste of it all!  

Checkout WeTvs Breakthroughs & Breakdowns of this episode!

Fun part for me now!

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