August 5, 2015


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DANGEROUS LIAISONS (click for full episode)

So this episode was interesting, well all of them tend to be so there is no surprise there – but this episode had a special added twist: a wife-swap element.  

I’m going to keep this one short because I’m a bit behind on these recaps and trying to catch up.  Also, the most pressing questions I receive are about my outfits so that means we can focus more on my looks and where I can help you find similar items for a more affordable budget!  


I will say I had a fun time on my date with Jeff.  We both have strong personalities but he seemed to be much more patient than how we’ve seen him during the past few days here at bootcamp – mainly because we are all patient with someone new!  It’s only natural.  But nonetheless, he was respectful, easy to talk to, and I learned how to fish!  Overall a good guy.  Which is why I went to him when we were asked to faux-propose.  Although that may have happened in two different episodes, we actually ‘proposed’ right after we completed our wife-swap date earlier that day.  So since I had just spent the time with Jeff, I went to him.  


Mike’s date with Aubrey had me cracking up.  I think he was very reserved and respectful since they both knew the producers were pushing for it to be an over the top scene.  I mean you guys saw the promos, and then saw the best edit they could put together, haha, that’s TV for ya!  Mike knew what time it was and to add to that, Aubrey and I had gotten the closest in the house at that point so there was no jealousy feelings there – I figured they would have a fun time together.  Speaking of jealousy, I’d have to say Mike holds the majority of that feeling in our relationship – which you see play out in that episode a little bit, especially when we had the proposal drill.  Of course I can get jealous at times, but being in a relationship with someone that has a public persona of being a womanizer, I’m somehow able to laugh things off, mainly because I know the real him and all of these people that see him as ‘the situation’ are envisioning a character he created, years ago.  People are always surprised when they do get the chance to meet him and see he’s a sweet, genuine nice guy.  The producers were clearly trying to pull the jealousy card on me, but I don’t play.  So, if you caught that part where I told Elizabeth that it wasn’t a jealousy thing, it was more of an entitlement to privacy thing – that’s where I got into the details.  What I mean by that is, if Mike and I are out to dinner, or working out at the gym or just in the middle of doing something together, I don’t see the need for people to pounce on him like he’s a piece of meat that’s about to expire if they don’t get his photo or acknowledgement at that second.  If we’re in a public place and clearly not in the middle of an intimate moment or activity i.e. eating, etc – then politely and respectfully approach us.  Too many people do not realize how long a tiny bit of politeness and respect goes with me, and that probably applies to everyone in this weird reality position and world for that matter – general politeness and respect works!   However, you always have those people that say, ‘hey that’s what you signed up for when you decided to be on TV’, but I’ll save that debate for another time when I have the energy to speak more on that – for now I’ll just roll my eyes  🙂  the simple answer to that is “yes and no, and there should be respectful boundaries”.  There you go.

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Now onto my look of the episode!

♥♥♥  Lauren’s look of the day ♥♥♥ #llotd

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