August 5, 2015


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a dreary photo for a dreary day at bootcamp

THE CONFESSION full episode here 

Welp, writing a recap for this episode is a fail no matter how I try, mainly because I still have no idea what was going on that day with Kank, nor do I really care to be completely honest.  Just so you all understand how this bootcamp thing works, none of us were really prying, the PURPOSE of the show is to learn from each other and ourselves, it’s a group thing.  So when you have one slice of the pie missing constantly and not communicating anything at all, simultaneously while all of us are being so open and raw, it naturally caused the whole house to get a general wtf vibe.  Like I said, I still don’t care what happened, I think they are both good people and I wish them the best, end of story (so we can hope!).  

Moving on, how cute was my braid that day, thanks to Aubrey!!! (and plenty of time on our hands since Kank was clearly going through some shit so we all waited around all day, no phones, no tvs, no leaving the house allowed)

If you’re interested in reading about WeTv’s recap on the shenanigans in this episode check it out here: breakthroughs and breakdowns.

Oh and how can I forgot!  This was the episode I told y’all how it is…”if you think I’m just Mike’s gf, you don’t know who I am” (Mike’s face when I’m saying this, haha! he knows me all too well!)

Moving on…outfit recap!

Let’s see, this episode really blended so if you want to see the beginning of the episode’s look details go here – and if you want to read about the ‘faux proposal’ inside scoop go here.  Sorry guys but they edited the shit out of this, mainly in combining days, so in my recaps I address everything as it happens (hence all the diff outfits).

♥♥♥ Lauren’s look of the day ♥♥♥ #llotd

♥   james perse tee – all of his tops are super comfortable and just hug the body in all the right places!

♥   sweater loungepants – who doesn’t love glam ‘loungepants’?  These are my go-to when relaxing and the most comfortable after a long day (especially bootcamp!)

♥   chanel espadrilles (slideshow below for options) – I love these, but they are a bit pricey and hard to find, I added in a bunch of options for these in the slideshow below – if you don’t care about the designer element just throw on a comfy pair of flat espadrilles to compliment your loungey look

♥   gucci ombre scarf – anyone who knows me has seen me way too many times in this scarf, and funny I say that, because I just previewed this weeks episode and I’m wearing in there too haha!  It’s one of my favorites and kind of goes with everything, my comfort scarf!

As always, I linked some identical items from the above list if some items are no longer available and the chanel espadrilles are not sold online (the best way to get your hands on these is to contact a personal shopper – I can connect you with excellent ones if you’re interested, leave a comment!).  I also linked a bunch of replacements that are super affordable from forever 21 for the same look, clearly I was exhausted by the end of this day and was going for a more causal look!


x baci

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