May 27, 2016

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One of my absolute favorite salads is a super easy fresh kale salad.  I have this throughout the year but it’s perfectly light and crisp for these hot + humid months we’re facing ahead.  Honestly, it takes less than 25 minutes in prep and putting this dish together!  Try it below:


prep time: 5 min

cook time: 10-15 min depending on thickness of meat or fish

total time:  20 min


freshly rinsed and chopped organic kale

baby heirloom tomatoes, sliced

block of parmigiano reggiano

*grapeseed oil OR evoo

himalayan sea salt

pepper mill

organic mediterranean dry rub

(4) organic lemons

(2) organic avocados 

organic thin-sliced chicken cutlets OR salmon filets OR insert your choice of meat/fish


prep chicken or fish with himalayan sea salt + pepper + mediterranean dry rub (or your herbs of choice)

coat grill pan with light grape seed oil + heat to medium

grill each side of cutlets (or fish) for about 2-3 mins or until you see the grill marks on the meat and edges changing color

while chicken is cooking…

rinse kale under cold water, dry in salad spinner, chop kale on a cutting board + place in a bowl

rinse and slice the heirloom tomatoes

cut the avocados in half, remove the seed + slice the inside of the avo with a sharp knife carefully, then scoop out with a tablespoon and add to kale bowl

roll the lemons on their side then slice in half

after the chicken is cooked, place on cutting board and slice into strips (I usually cube mine since I like a chopped salad, cut to your preference)

combine chicken + heirloom tomatoes to kale bowl, sprinkle himalayan sea salt, pepper, a few drops of *grapeseed oil or evoo + squeeze lemons onto salad and mix together

final touches, shave fresh parmigiana reggiano over salad and voila

*the reason behind why I use grapeseed oil instead of evoo – it’s really nothing special to me, but the truth is I attended an all natural organic cooking workshop with my sister Melissa and it was part of the package we were given at the end.  Supposedly it’s pretty high quality and one of the better oils out there, I haven’t done my research but I know it’s organic, it has virtually no taste, is super light and is in my cabinet – so I go for it 🙂 you can read more about grapeseed oil and your more familial oils here

buon appetito


x baci




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