February 13, 2015

The countdown is on, one day until the beloved (or dreaded) Valentine’s Day.  To help you and your man out I’ve compiled a Top 10 wish list of Valentine’s Day gifts (you’re welcome)!  To all the ladies, if you happen to spot something that catches your eye & , pass this along to your man for some hints!  Obviously these are my personal picks, but if I do say so myself, it’s a pretty damn good list, and best of all – it covers ALL price points!




 Starting off with most expensive (but not important), here we go:



#1.  Cartier Love Rings, set of 3, $62oo – beautiful, timeless and all around perfection – if you’re not at the engagement stage in your relationship this is a great way  to express your sentiments and start off on a good path with a phenomenal promise ring (to get engaged one day).  This set is one of my personal favorites since it’s unique compared to the typical one everyone seems to have.  The set includes one 18k pink gold band, one brown ceramic band, and one pink gold with diamonds.  This also comes in another color way of white gold and black ceramic.   However, I think the pink gold is perfect for this loving day! 





#2.  Golden Retriever Puppy, gold rush breed, price varies but around $1200 – give the gift of unconditional love!  In my opinion this is actually a priceless gift.  If you’re ready for this type of responsibility and of course commitment, I know just the place for you to find one!   Ann Johnson is a well-known specialty gold rush golden retriever breeder in NJ and also happens to be where we got our little love, Mosey! (pictured to the right).   He is the most well-behaved dog I’ve ever had and understands the English language better than some children I’ve seen, no joke. We never had him professionally trained and that goes to show their adeptness to learning.  There is a reason they are classified as therapy dogs – this breed senses energy better than any medium or psychic you can find, and they are the most loyal, loving and sweetest cuddle buddies you can find.  He never spends a night in the doghouse, lol! 







#3.  A spontaneous night out at a luxury hotel, price varies from around $675+ – you can find some great Valentine’s Day packages in the city that include champagne, roses, chocolate, dinner for two and more.  One of our options for this weekend was The Standard NYC (suite pictured above).  Mike and I just booked a hotel the other night for this weekend, so there is still some time with limited availability (get on it asap!).  A change of scenery is always nice and it’s an easy way to give yourself a break from the daily grind to refresh without having to splurge on airfare for a quick getaway.  We actually have a business meeting on Vday as well (fingers crossed for some good news!) so it’s a two for one trip for us.





#4.  Christian Louboutin, price varies (from $50 for beauty products and $645+ for shoes) – I don’t think you need an explanation on this one, but if you do make the splurge make sure to know your woman’s size in Loubs (they tend to vary.  Believe me, she will most likely want to don them for your romantic evening out (or in if that’s your kind of thing).  If she doesn’t have a pair already, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to surprise her with some red soles.  If you’re not in a position to shell out the cash for the shoes but still want to treat her to some Loubi love, you can pickup Louboutin’s latest beauty product, their signature red polish is perfection as is most of their nude color collection.  My go to is ME NUDE.  They also have a full assortment of colors available now so you’ll be sure to find the shade that suits your soulmate’s style.






#5.  Creed Millesime Imperial $175+ – the gift of sensual fragrance!  This scent is one of Creed’s iconic and best all around.  The top notes include fruit with a sea salt blend, and base notes of sicilian lemon and musk – it smells as good as it sounds, delicious!  Creed’s line of fragrances have some of the absolute best formulas around, Spring Flower is also a favorite flirty scent of mine (see below for link in the slideshow and click to purchase!)






 #6.  A dozen long stem roses, price varies $99+ –  some may say red roses are a tad basic for Valentine’s Day, but who doesn’t love beautiful flowers?  If you know your girls taste (which you should, hello!?) you’ll know what she’ll appreciate and fall in love with.  Sometime’s I prefer all white arrangements of a multitude of florals as opposed to roses – however, roses are classic, you can’t go wrong with them – and whichever floral you end up purchasing, she will love the arrangement and thoughtfulness.







#7.  For Love and Lemons, price varies $75+ – this brand seems to have blown up all over the fashion world and I’m loving it!  I’m actually wearing one of their dresses this weekend.  Their lingerie, or how they prefer to put it, skivvies, are to die for!  Your lady will love wearing them as much as you love to see her in them!  Worth the splurge, and not even that expensive in comparison to Victoria’s Secret etc.  Go for the Lemons with Love. 








#8.  Maison du Chocolat, price varies $34+ – I am a chocolate fanatic, but also a chocolate snob at the same time, which is a blessing in disguise since I don’t go goo-goo-ga-ga at every bodega checkout counter.  If you’re looking for some indulgent worthy chocolates for an appreciative palette look no further than Maison du Chocolat, they are delectable and the link above shows you their full range of gift packages in all price points.







#9.  Papyrus card, currently on sale online for around $3+ – do not underestimate the power of a greeting card.  Even if you aren’t great with expressing your feelings and don’t add your own writing in the card, a sentimental, loving and sweet card means a lot more than all of the items listed above.  I once dated someone who didn’t believe in cards, I don’t think I need to fill you in on how that ended, lol.  Romanticism goes a LONG way with us women, whether we like to admit it or not.  It’s in our blood, we can’t help it!  Buy the card! 






#10.  COMBO OF ALL OF THE ABOVE – (ok I lied this is the most expensive option!) –  While all of the above would be amazing in a perfect world, we all know this is unrealistic, and if you do pull it off you may be setting yourself up for a disaster on future Valentine’s Day celebrations or any holiday for that matter, so I’m kind of kidding with this one.  By all means, if you have the money to spend and want to go over the top, maybe pick a few from the list, but unless you are proposing, you really don’t need to add that many gifts, that’s not what LOVE is about.  Now I know what you’re thinking – wtf, if I’m proposing on Valentine’s Day isn’t the ring enough?!  Well of course it is, but remember, it’s the little things and effort that counts just as much to us girls!  The more thoughtful things you do and set up for a proposal makes it that much more memorable and special, and trust me, women will always remember the little details!  Also, with how many times you will be obligated to tell the magical engagement story you’ll want to make sure it’s something spectacular, see what my point is?   Now if you’re thinking about proposing on Valentine’s Day, I’d suggest doing it just before the actual holiday.  She won’t be expecting it and you’ll have that much more love and excitement to celebrate on the actual Saint Valentine’s Day.  Now before you jump down my throat just think about it.  I’m ruminating out loud here and giving you some insight from the many conversations I’ve had with my girlfriends over the years.  The one piece of advice I’d give regarding a proposal is to make it spontaneous and completely unexpected, and Valentine’s Day is just not that – believe me, it’ll be worth the shock on her face if it’s the day before, or even after!  Keep her on her toes.

As always, I included links to all the products I suggested and now you can shop directly from the slideshow of images below, yay!  I also included some other options in the slideshow that I love, it was difficult for me to narrow down to 10 items!  Make sure to checkout the red Valentino rockstud bag (LOVE), Oribe hair care (AMAZING!) and more sexy skivvies from For Love and Lemons!  Send me a message or comment if you have any questions!  

And to my single ladies out there reading this, don’t be a love hater – instead spread your love for who is present in your life!  Take your girls out for a fun filled evening of laughs, great food and cocktails!  I’ve spent many a Vday myself with my besties and they are sure to never let you down!

Do any of you have some incredible plans for this weekend or hilarious stories of past Valentine’s Day celebrations?  Share in the comments, would love to hear from you! 

♥♥♥Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!♥♥♥

  x baci ♥





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