March 13, 2015


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Hi guys!  I came across this video series on Sephora and thought it would be a great time to share the basics of contouring.  Finally, after all the trends that have come and gone in the beauty world over the past century, the beauty industry is latching onto something that is life changing (for reals), and I personally believe it will remain in every makeup artists arsenal for many many years to come.

As the incredible Tom Ford said, so on point might I add:

“the first step to beauty is understanding the architecture of your face, and then creating balance and symmetry by applying light and shadow on flawless-looking skin”

Contouring shouldn’t only be perfected by makeup artists.  Every woman should know a little bit about how to contour and accent their natural features to benefit their own polished makeup look.  While there are a lot more details to the process than illustrated in these videos, this is definitely a great starting point for anyone interested to learn about how to DIY contour – without shelling out the cash for a makeup artist!

First and foremost, recognize your shape face (too many people miss this very important step and that results with dark shading all over & in the wrong areas, not a good look!).  I have a heart shaped face, so I’ve included that video below to demonstrate how to contour on this shape.  Sephora has tutorials up now on all shapes including square, oval and round, so if you aren’t heart shaped don’t fret!  Just head over to Sephora and check out your designated video.

While I found this video super helpful, but very basic, I thought it would be a great introduction to women, and men, looking to educate themselves on how to accomplish that flawlessly symmetrical makeup look that we all pine for.  Check it out and do everyone a favor by sharing the #1 rule of contouring – KNOW YOUR FACE SHAPE!  

I’m working on a personal contour tutorial with a professional MUA which will be up soon, stay tuned!  For now, check this out!

I added the top products I use when contouring on my own at home!  You can shop them all in the slideshow below!

x baci

(If the video below doesn’t work please CLICK HERE to watch!  Thanks!)



tom ford quote

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  1. Tracey says:

    Love this. More about self tanning

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