June 9, 2016


These are my go-to items for traveling – seriously, I need to have these in my hotel room for when I wake up in the morning or I’ll be all over the place.  I’m someone who thrives off of routine, I know, but not the typical boring kind, more like the kind where I need to have my shit together in order to feel like a functioning adult in society.  So when we’re traveling, I typically need to adapt to my surroundings and find what works best for my schedule to be the best Lauren I can be for the day…

sounds cheesy but it works for me.

For the past week or so I’ve been holed up in a hotel room with Mike – he’s currently working on a fun new project [deets to be released soon] so, as per usual, I had to figure out the grove of my routine when we first got here.  Adapt to my surroundings, get to know the area…

Find the go to coffee bar, juice bar, megaformer studio + gym, spa…you know, the life must-haves to feel and look your best.

I’ll give you guys a nice little recap of the area I spent some time in once we get back!

I could not survive, ok being dramatic, but I would have a much more difficult time in the mornings on the road if it wasn’t for these trusty items!

I hate hate hate having chipped nails, if you EVER see me with them best believe that I’m having a rough week because I am not that girl.  I would much rather grab some acetone + a cotton ball, wipe them down and go bare.  Although that’s the second least ideal nail situation for me.

I’m a creature of habit, clearly, so I usually resort to my standard FIJI shade  – especially in the summer with a good spray tan.  So the FIJI comes with me everywhere!  That along with Essie’s super quick dry Good-To-Go .  Just makes my life easier.

Sidebar: I legit have this color in my purse, in my car + in my bathroom.  And I’ve resorted to using them all in a pinch!

Next up is Bumble & Bumble Prêt-a-Powder dry shampoo.  If you know me personally, you know I wash my hair about once a week, at a minimum.  Don’t judge, I have an intensely thick head of hair and thanks to the blonde color in combination with my natural skin, it just doesn’t get oily.  I can go, and have gone, a lot longer than a week without washing but I’ll spare you those details.

With that being said, I’ve tried every dry shampoo under the sun.  The B&B powder is my favorite because it doesn’t compromise the texture of my hair as much as all the others.  I can actually use this for a few days in a row, layering the powder, without feeling [and looking gross]…

no one wants to see that white powder residue building up at your scalp from the WRONG dry shampoo day after day [not cute]

next up is a new addition to my morning routine – my TrueWhite teeth whitening system.  I used to use those crest whitestrips but they left my teeth feeling super sensitive and nothing was worth that discomfort.  I’ve since switched to this super easy 3-step whiteneing system and the results are amazing.  I do this about  3x’s a week, more when I know I’m going to be on camera – hence it making the travel must-have list.  It takes about 30 minutes total and I do it all while I lay in bed checking emails, TSB, social media + my fave feeds + some news…

on my iPad mini!  I definitely get much more use of this guy while I’m traveling.  At home I’ll be glued to my macbook for work + of course my iPhone – but when stuck in a hotel/airplane/car it’s much more comfortable to break out the trusty iPad.

btw – I got this awesome marble case for it here

last but definitely not least are my wireless Solo Beats Headphones.  I’m obsessed with these.  They work via bluetooth so I can bop around in them in the hotel room or on the treadmill without that dreaded thump of a brand new iPhone smashing against the floor.  These cute rose gold ones are available here, the more rose gold the better right?!

I’ll change up what I listen to each morning depending on my mood – so those days where I want to blast some Lemonade, you know these babies are being worn, haha

You can purchase the TrueWhite Advanced Plus 3 teeth whitening system here at an amazingly discounted rate…

the whole Advanced Plus 3 system for just $16.99 [originally over $200] – just use code LAUREN and they’ll apply it to your purchase at checkout.

Everything else can be shopped below.


x baci



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